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Congratulations to Mia Carr, The September Mommy Master.  As moms, we wish we could sometimes clone ourselves and Mia is helping to do just that!  Read about her journey to create a product parents are loving:

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 My name is Mia Carr, co-owner of Simply Mommy LLC and co- creator of the Snuggle Me: Infant Lounging and Bed Sharing Cushions.
MiaCarr-LaurieCarr-MachaelaHegnerWe started our journey in 2007 after I had a set of twin boys. I was home alone with them (along with my then 2 year old) and I struggled.  I told my mother-in-law, Laurie, (who became my Simply Mommy business partner), that all I needed was someone to just come and hold one of these babies while I took care of the other one.  Just another set of arms, please!
I know how important physical touch is for a baby and I felt like I wasn’t enough.
We looked around and there was nothing out there to help me.  Nothing that could make me feel better about how I felt I was failing my little babies.
After the smoke cleared a bit, we had another talk.  What is missing?  What could have helped?  And we came up with an idea of a cushion that could go anywhere with you that would snuggle the baby, so they got the same feelings of being held.  That would have been so helpful for me!  It would have made me feel more confident in my abilities to take care of these little people.  And it would have helped them sleep!  (I might have been able to remember their babyhood and have enjoyed it a little more).
The brainstorming began and we then designed, patented and began selling this cushion called a Snuggle Me. The cushion had an unpadded center sling area. Baby’s own weight caused the sides of the cushion to pull in against baby. This imitated the feelings of being held, allowed them to stay content and also helped them to rest in longer spurts.

The ‘sling’ also helped to keep baby safely positioned with their backs flat and in a straight line the way doctors recommend for safe sleep. It was an absolute dream come true and we knew it would help countless moms as they adjusted to life with a new baby.
This was 8 years ago! We have now grown into a trusted company serving thousands of mothers across the globe! Listening to our customers, we have also gone on to create the Snuggle Me Organic and the Snuggle Me Wool, crafting the highest quality baby lounging and bed sharing cushions you will find anywhere.

Thank you and please, come join us on our journey!


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