Meet the October Mommy Master and Get Inspired:

Mommy Master of the Month
Congratulations to Tanya Thibodeau, this month’s Mommy Master!  Tanya recently created her blog, Seeme and Liz, to inspire parents and educators to encourage a child’s language and learning through play.

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Headshot (pink black tank)My name is Tanya and I am mom to Ava (8) and James (6) and wife to Kelly (he probably wouldn’t appreciate me announcing his age to the world).   We live in Ontario, Canada.
I am a former Speech-Language Pathologist and have experience working with babies, children and adolescents for about 10 years. These children had a variety of developmental disorders including Down Syndrome and Autism as well as typically developing children who were late to talk or had difficulty with pronunciation.  
I stopped working as a speech therapist in 2013 and since then have been trying to find the perfect Work From Home fit for me.    I became an Independent Certified Instructor with the Baby Signs Program and offer classes for babies/toddlers ages 4-24 months.
In April 2015 I decided to give blogging a try.   I came up with my website Seeme and Liz (named after my children’s favorite stuffed animals) to empower parents, caregivers and educators to encourage a child’s language development and learning, through play. 
I believe that play is a child’s job and children learn best when they play.  Seeme and Liz is filled with informational articles, tips, tricks and quality toy recommendations.
Learn more and connect:
Website: SeeMe and Liz
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  1. Congrats Tanya. My mom is a SLP and we all have taught baby sign language from out little ones. Its been a life savor with my son who has very little interest in learning to talk

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