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Congratulations to the first Mommy Master of 2016, Lily Bock.  I LOVE the concept behind the business Lily started, turning party favors into an opportunity to give back.  I am especially excited to showcase her concept since it is very much in line with my own beliefs, especially about goody bags.  If you recall, I recently wrote two articles on this topic titled, Can We Please Say Goodbye to GoodyBags and Goody Bag Alternative-The Perfect Solution.  Learn more about the January Mommy Master below:
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My name is Lily Bock and together with my husband, Robert, I co-founded Beyond Goody Bag (BGB).

We have three children, two boys and a girl.  One day, after visiting our gazillionth birthday party, and our daughter receiving yet another junky goody bag, our idea was born.  What if instead of parents spending money on junk that will soon be thrown away or clutter the house, they can give out meaningful party favors?  What if children could make a donation in lieu of receiving junk?
We decided to create a website that would allow children to receive virtual gifts and party favors. These virtual gifts and party favors can then be used to donate to a charity of choice. We also decided to “sweeten the pot” and allow the recipient to redeem it for a gift card to a store or site of their choice.
Since the launching of our website, our virtual party favors have been used for birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, and baby showers.  But the idea for BGB has evolved since, and we now have folks who are using it as presents for birthdays and other occasions.  It has also become a favorite for mid- or end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  BGB gift cards allow the teacher to choose a gift card to a store of choice and they absolutely love the charitable component.  The present becomes that much more meaningful.
Beyond Goody Bag is also allowing us to achieve one of our life long goals.  We wanted to give back to many wonderful charities but have not had the means to do so. In fact, one of the many great organizations on our site is Ian’s Friends Foundation (IFF) that funds children’s brain cancer research.  IFF is very dear to our hearts, since we have close friends whose daughter has been battling a brain tumor.
We are so excited about Beyond Goody Bag.  We love hearing all the wonderful feedback about what a great experience it has been to use BGB in place of traditional goody bags. We love hearing how much kids have enjoyed going to our site and choosing how to spend their card, how they learned about the charities and giving.  We love knowing that somehow we are making a difference by reducing waste, by teaching children valuable lessons of giving back, and by raising money and awareness for many amazing organizations.
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Visit Beyond Goody Bag on Social Media:
Twitter: @BeyondGoodyBag
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Meet the January Mommy Master

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