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Congratulations to Chavy Abelesz, mom to four children and business woman who is doing it all.  Read about Chavy’s creative idea for promoting family time and how she involves her kids in her business every chance she gets.

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Hi, my name is Chavy Abelesz.  I live in NY and I am a mom to 4 beautiful children ranging between ages 13 and 5.
chavyAs a mom and business woman, I personally know how difficult it is, in todays fast-paced world, with so many gadgets and distractions, to actually spend time with our kids and give them our full, undivided attention.  Because these moments are rare,  I’ve decided to implement my interior design background, experience and motherly love to develop products that will promote disconnecting from our every day distractions and reconnecting to our nearest and dearest.  Products that will promote my dream of bonding and family time in a warm and loving atmosphere.
The dream of every new parent, is the… awww moment.  Baby in Mom’s or Dad’s arms, peacefully snuggling, bonding and rocking.  Thus, Snuggleberry Baby was born.
Snuggleberry Baby:  A line of crib bedding that coordinates with an enchanting, adventure storybook, a little friend for baby, and lots of love.
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Snuggleberry Baby offers parents and their babies a nursery experience. The bedding collections are designed with a line of character storybooks, to promote a Snuggleberry experience. Baby snuggling with his or her friend, owl, monkey, shell etc., exploring the adventures of Snuggleberry with mom.
Spending time with our children starts with a cozy atmosphere. An ambiance of togetherness and a setting of calm and serenity.  That was my mission for starting Snuggleberry Baby.  My hope is to continue to develop products that help achieve that setting so we have every excuse to bond, snuggle and love.
Every minute spent with our children is a gift we give to them and to ourselves.  It will go a long way to ensure a future of emotionally healthy and happy adults.
As busy as I get, I always try to include my kids in whatever I can.  Whether it’s shipping orders, successes, reaching milestones…it’s our company.  They glow when they discuss Snuggleberry.  Even if I hadn’t planned on this being a family business, it has become one.  We wouldn’t have it any other way now.The more moms I can reach, the more snuggles we can share. Because every baby deserves a beautiful nursery and story/snuggle time with mom.

Design. Quality. Affordability. Experience.  That’s the magic of Snuggleberry Baby!

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