I posted my first article on the Mommy Masters blog in August of 2010 and 46 parenting tips and articles later, I am still just as enthusiastic as I was back then. In one year, I have learned how to create a blog, self educated myself about HTMLs, coding and rankings, and was able to connect with women all over the world. My goal for the blog was and still is to support moms, offer new ideas and different perspectives on parenting, and create a non-judgmental forum to discuss everything and anything that goes on in the life of a mom. Most of all, I wanted to leave an impression on women, letting them know they are never alone in this crazy world of motherhood and that together, we can master anything! I have received wonderful comments from my writings but there were a few that really stayed with me. When I read that I have helped make someone smile and made a difference in their life, it makes it all worth it. I hope this past year, Mommy Masters has made a difference in your life.
There are a lot of great things to come in the near future from Mommy Masters, including my children’s music CD, filled with educational and entertaining musical rhymes. My children’s songs are unique, fun and include themes such as manners, potty time, the first day of school, animals, parts of the body and more. Make sure and “Like” Mommy Masters on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/mommymasters) so you can read updates on the progress of my CD, coming soon.
I want to thank all my family, my friends and strangers, who I now consider friends, for supporting Mommy Masters. We all know it’s not easy starting something from scratch and trying to make it a success. For all you moms out there who want to follow your dreams but haven’t yet taken the leap, DO IT! With a lot of hard work, confidence and determination, you can do anything…but you already knew that because you’re a mom! Here’s to another year of growth and accomplishments from Mommy Masters and here’s to you, my fans!
Best Wishes,
Ellie Hirsch, a.k.a. The Mommy Master™

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