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About Us

The Tampa Nail’s mission is what we do best every day.

Our History Established

February, 2011 In February
Enter info box of 2011, Tom Pham and his wife, Leanne had a dream to open their very own salon in their home of Tampa Bay, Florida. After years of hard work and saving, diligent site selection, and a shared aspiration, they opened a small, but successful salon called “Shellak Nails” on South Dale Mabry Highway. After 3 years, this small space with 3 technicians quickly grew to 8 loyal technicians that provided honest, personal care to every client — quickly setting them apart from their competitors. In May of 2014, they knew the business had outgrown their salon space and found a new home on Kennedy Boulevard to move “Shellak Nails”, where it currently operates today with over 17 top-of-the-line technicians, a trusted management staff, and a loyal customer base. Knowing their potential, a second location was born in September of 2015 to accommodate clients to the north of “Shellak Nails” on West Hillsborough Avenue. This space was carefully renovated and the staff is still growing today, now with 10 technicians who give the very best personal service to the new clients of north Tampa. This location was rebranded “Tampa Nails” to incorporate the vision of further growth throughout the Tampa Bay area. Today, the brand continues to grow both of their locations with an increased focus on team training, culture and values, and creating opportunities for their employees to advance their own careers through additional locations the next “Tampa Nails” salon.

Our Vision and Mission

The Tampa Nail’s mission is what we do best every day. Tampa Nails is dedicated to becoming Tampa Bay’s largest, most frequented Nail Salon delivering the best guest experience through clean, consistent service, quality selection of products, and a culture of care our employees embody. The primary financial goals are to maximize profitability through systems, training, and reallocate those funds toward long-term growth initiatives that bring greater share-holder value. The Tampa Nail’s vision is what the future looks like because we deliver on what we do best every day. Tampa Nails is dedicated to providing enjoyment and happiness to women through beauty. “Look Pretty. Feel Happy.”